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Socialism is Good, Actually

16 Pages, Black and White
There’s something rotten at the core of our society. Perhaps it’s not great to structure a society so that ten rich dudes own everything. Come along with Karl Marx (the Spectre of Communism) and discovery if a better world is possible.

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10 copies/ $5

Nuclear War is Good, Actually

Minicomic, 16 Pages, Black and White

As a Marxist I must naturally hate all Anarchists. As Social Democrat I must hate every Marxist and Anarchist. And as a Posadist I must worship at the feet of our Lord of Atom Bombs and Dolphin Sex, J. Posadas. But then… maybe we should work together to overthrow the ten rich guys that own the world? Nah, forget it. (View Contents)


10 copies/ $5

1″ Pins


Cartoon Karl Marx
Socialism is Good, Actually Cover
Hammer and Sickle


Original Art, 2.5″x3.5″
Own an authentic piece of art touched by the creator. Pick any leftist icon, from Gritty, to Daddy Karl, to Joltin’ Joe, Sexy Sankara, or any of the rest and get a hand created personalized piece of art.
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