Socialism is Good, Actually is a by Joey Peters that seeks to explain the basics of babby’s first socialism. It’s an ongoing project and intended to teach socialist ideas to normal, regular people who look at Kapital and Kapital 2: Electric Boogaloo and run away screaming just from the page count. Something along the lines of more elaborate Jack Chick tracts, except more engaging and less likely to cause opioid dependence.

To that end each book from SIGA is in the public domain and comrades are free to print and distribute SIGA as they see fit.

Print ready files, instructions and source files are available on my public Google Drive.


Joey Peters is a writer, cartoonist, beauty contest champion, evil wizard, social justice monk and the part-time-party-time Emperor of Anti-Imperialism. His dad puts in fences and his mom worked at the first Dunkin Donuts. He is Massachusetts as fuck and working class as fuck.

@crowbarcosmic / joe@superwizard.net