Gracchus Babeuf

Gracchus Babeuf

Real Name: Francois-Noel Babeuf
Identity/Class: Philosopher/Human
Occupation: Journalist, Rabble Rouser
Affiliation: Jacobin Club, The Conspiracy of Equals

Secret Origin:

Born into poverty Gracchus learned first hand the lifestyle of the working class of France in the Ancien Regime. He worked his way up to becoming a land commissioner and saw how the landed aristocracy treated the commoners around them.

As the Revolution loomed Babeuf advocated for the abolition of feudal rights granted to the aristocracy, which landed him in the clink a couple times over. Finally, though, the Revolution got started. Babeuf began publishing Correspondent Picard, his Star Trek TNG fan zine. He kept working things like progressive taxation and not restricting suffrage to large tax payers and land owners into his fan fic in a heavy handed and rather annoying way.

He received a job cataloging the lands nationalized out from the Catholic church and aristocrats run out by the Revolution. He continued his political writings, expanding his repertoire to Doctor Who, Stargate and Supernatural. The court in the Somme discovered some irregularities in the land deeds he processed. As tension ratcheted up in Revolutionary France Babeuf became convinced he was going to be railroaded (impressive given that railroads didn’t exist yet) and he fled to Paris. He reached the city around the time that the crossover event The Reign of Terror began. Babeuf’s Terror tie-ins were loose at best, but eventually the whole thing began to drag out. Babeuf managed to get a new trial which roughly corresponded with the Thermidorian Reaction, the prestige format issue that quickly wrapped up all the loose ends from the Reign of Terror as fast as possible.

“I shall become a Gracchus”

After escaping the Reign of Terror and Thermidorian Reaction Babeuf hid in a cave until a radioactive Roman tribune of the people known for attempted agrarian land reform crashed through the window.

Newly inspired, Babeuf took on the name Gracchus and began writing furiously and organizing among the Jacobin Club and dudes who couldn’t afford capri pants. He wrote a ridiculous ton of zines explaining how the Reign of Terror was misunderstood at best, and actually a pretty good crossover event, really. He was arrested again and the Proud Boys burned his latest zine.

For a while he managed okay. Years of mismanagement and financial deregulation left the French economy firmly in the toilet. One of the main ways the directory maintained it’s grip on power was by playing the extremists on both sides of the political spectrum against each other. Eventually, though, popular sentiment against the Directory grew to a fever pitch and a Conspiracy of Equals was founded among the Jacobins and the Without Capris and…

…the Directory had highly placed spies everywhere. All the leaders were arrested and Gracchus Babeuf got his head popped off. RSVP to a real one

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